Fantasy on My Mind Too

In her blog, Miss Inky told the world that for now, she's pointing her compass due Fantasy. I love the fantasy genre so much that I have a few fertile alternate worlds maintained in my own mind. All realms are STRICTLY plagiarised from Tolkien-like Middle Earth and the worlds of Dungeon & Dragons (used to steal a LOT of D&D books, because I cannot afford them then). Magic, swords and fantastic creatures - I 'see' these everyday.

Whenever I watch a fantasy film (I always attend, no matter how bad they review said it was) I'd look for a good plot, other than the fun-fest of decapitating heads and chopping limbs. Magic is wonderful too, if the CGI is good enough and believable (depending on their budget, ha ha ha).

Good characters should be foolishly good and evil creatures should drip venom with every word they said. I root for evil, so I usually follow the expression of the said character carefully. We learn from the best, we do.

I attended Underworld 3; Rise of the Lycans a few weeks back. The film sucked really bad, because of a sloppy story and bad acting. But the costumes were AWESOME! I guess most of the budget went to the costumes, ha ha ha.

Anyway; who is your favourite fantasy character? 


Inkpot said...

Oh Shadowthorne, I'm so honoured you mentioned one of my posts on your blog! :) I'm sorry I've been so bad at commenting lately, I've slowly catching up. Unfortunately troubles in the so called real world. It sucks.

anyway, my favourite fantasy character? wow, that's a tough one. I often think of myself as Bilbo Baggins, so he is constant companion. I would love to be an Abhorsen from the books by Garth Nix - ringing those bells and banishing the dead. But the character I like best... I don't know! Can I get back to you on that? :)

Btw, have you seen The Night Watch movies or read the books? They are fantasy, but in our world. They r pretty good. And also, I want to hear about your D&D characters. My favourite was Sparrow Leggy, a warrior elf. Ah, the campaigns we went on together!

Shadowthorne said...

Frankly, I hate Bilbo and all hobbits. Hate Frodo the most (I skipped every scene of his in 'The Two Towers' and 'Return of the King'.) His struggle with the One Ring was so ridiculous in my eyes.

When I first saw the RingWraiths in 'the Fellowship' I said,"Wow! So BLOODY COOL!" I'd hire them to be my personal guards.

I too love the Abhorsen trilogy, which was written so uniquely dark. Wonderful plot, engaging characters and there was ample magic and mayhem to satisfy me.

I used to love Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance series. But I cannot see him in me because he was ALWAYS sick. And I am a more heartless bastard than him.

.... but now, the Discworld series are premiere on my bookshelves. Have you read the books? I think Terry Pratchett is the best comedy-fantasy writer ever. I love his Granny Weatherwax character. :)

Tenchi said...

peter pan consider is fantasy character?

Shadowthorne said...

Yes he is Tenchi. You like Pan? Somewhere in this world he is also considered a sex symbol. Ha ha ha.

Tenchi said...

Oh...is it like that?
But he is not my like...I like Cloud Strife piky haired mercenary who wields a blade twice his size in final fantasy 7...

Aizan Suhaira said...

Uhhh.. is Megatron a fantasy character?

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