Shall We Meet Again Maggie?

I watched 'The Transformers' movie again (for how many times I forgot) because there was nothing good on the telly (like always). I really love this movie; destructive and very very cool. The villians are AWESOME and seriously kick-ass.

But somehow I feel a bit sad for the baddies... They are determined, horrifying and skilled in destruction, yet in the end the good guys ALWAYS win. I felt cheated when Megatron dies in the end, heck, that megalomaniac robot is an icon of evil itself, the Darth Vader of cartoon-series.

Always hated Optimus Prime since I was little. Maybe as rotten I was, his goodie-two-shoes i'd-sacrifice-myself-for-good-cause character scratched a screeching scrawl across this black heart of mine. I was actually happy when he 'died' twice in the animated series.

The words in the vines said that Maggie might return in the sequel. 'Revenge of the Fallen', another mark on my must see list.


amirahsyuhada said...

Of course the bad people will win! That is the balance of the world nature. Bad people become a hero, then its the time when this world rule by bad people,when that time come, people like you will just become their 'hobbit'.

"Its better being nobody, than become evil somebody"

Evil ke hapa tak reti tukar air bateri, sampai kereta jammed.

Maggie will return, but just to be killed, again and again..haha.

"Megatron must be kill, no matter what the cost" -prime optimus.

Shadowthorne said...

amirahsyuhada is rambling again... what the hell is she talking about. poor poor lost soul....

miss ash said...

Haha. I love Optimus Prime. He's so colorful.

I think that in every sci-fi movie, the villain always come back in the sequel.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I agree with you Mr. Mambang. The Decepticons are kick ass in the movie. I'm in love with Barricade and Starscream.

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