Me and My PlayStation(s)


My PlayStation 3 is in my bedroom a.k.a. playroom (because I rarely sleep in my own room), in the wooden cabinet, under the 32 inch Toshiba HDTV I bought especially for games last November.

I copied two of my favourite movies from my external HD into the PS3 hard disc. 'Transformers' and 'Final Fantasy: Advent Children'. The memory was almost inadequate, because I've installed so many games already I guess. 60 Gb is not that large.

I have two Playstation 2. The old bulkier black one is UNDER the PS3, collecting dust and spiderwebs. I will wait for the day to give it freely to anyone that pleases me. The other slimmer silver version.... it was broken and taken apart, now under my younger brother's bed. Bloody expensive waste.

Some might say video games are a waste of time. I will tell them to drink pesticide and jump off bridges. This addiction is much safer than drugs.

Yay for Playstations!    


Aizan Suhaira said...

Well, we all have our ways to waste money. You waste money on PS3s, RC Cars and helis, Transformer toys etc (wait, how old are you again?)

I waste money on personal trainers, house stuff, car stuff, karaoke sessions etc.

Different people different kicks, eh?

Tenchi said...

yalo...each individual have own special interest ma...i waste on car audio, PC, pet fish+prawn, photography etc...

My birthday is in May...and i never touch a play station before :-p

The Dude said...

hey nice blog man.
i still have the old bulky ps2 but it works, and Im just happy to play - its still loads of fun!

thanks for dropping by my blog, come by anytime.


Shadowthorne said...

:) shall we waste a lot more this year? I think we shall. Final Fantasy 13 guys.... its coming.

Thanks Mr Dude! We are alike; born with dark thoughts. Ha ha ha.

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