Acting Class

Today, during Physics I taught my students the art of acting. I was bored after 40 minutes of discussion about electric current and so were they. Thus, we pretend to be thespians for half an hour before the bell rang.

A chemistry teacher of mine a long long time ago said that 'acting' is a way for advancement in life. Come on, we 'pretend' to work diligently in front of our bosses, THAT is called acting, and we did it automatically at the office. So what are there to be an outstanding actor @ cheat @ dishonestly credible @ serpent-in-the-grass?

1. The proper props - if you wanna pretend to do something, do it with the appropriate equipments @ workplace @ things etc. Show some serious prop design if you must.

2. The suitable attitude - Be serious if you want the scam to work. Your reputation is on the line here.

3. Luck - We make our own luck, by practising hard.

p.s. - My methods to spread evil are always welcomed by students. No other teacher can talk taboos like me. :)  Welcome to the 21st century. 


amirahsyuhada said...

oi no fon hafizah or grendelina apa? Meh bak sini. Aku nak buat report.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I am the underrated thespian.

Years of years of solid acting and I have yet to receive an acknowledgement of being able to accomplish nothing while appearing to be super busy.

Tenchi said...

what is thespians?

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi oi, go get yourself a dictionary. Don't be too lazy meh.

Tenchi said...


thespian (comparative more thespian, superlative most thespian)


more thespian

most thespian

1. of, or relating to drama and acting; dramatic, theatrical




thespian (plural thespians)

1. an actor or player

Shadowthorne said...

Good boy.

SSQuo said...

You hit the nail on the head. Props: lots of papers strewn around, phone ringing (never mind that it is your submissive girlfriend/bf calling to discuss 'how much you love her/him)), and of course a huff-and-puff expression, mixed in with periodic louddd sighs is great! I have seen this in people.

I realize though that some bosses are smarter in recognizing this act, clearly the person needs an acting coach!

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