Good Has Been Vanquished

After many times of interruptions, at last I finished playing Lord of the Rings; Conquest on PS3. Playing the good guys was so boring, because I never liked characters like Legolas, Gimli and Faramir. In 'Raise of Sauron' the evil campaign after being on the good guys' team, that's where the fun really is.

Terminated Faramir with a troll.

I killed Gimli and Aragorn with Saruman the traitor.

Murdered Legolas and Elrond with the mighty Sauron himself.

And finally squashed Treebeard and Gandalf with the awesome Balrog.

This is really a fun game for fans of Middle Earth. Although the display was a bit low-key for a PS3 game, it was still an enjoyable ride. 

'The darkness is now complete.'


Aizan Suhaira said...

Nope, don't appreciate video games. I like playing with Barbie dolls.

P/S: You're a sucker if you believed that.

miss ash said...

I enjoy playing the video games of 'Teen Titans' and 'Fantastic Four'. I know, they're not your type since they're good guys. :)

Shadowthorne said...

I think you will appreciate these games if you gave them a try. Goodness gracious Aizan, the PS3 and Xbox titles now have visuals so life-like, you'd scream like a girl (yes you are one anyway) when the zombies are out to get you.

Yes Miss Ash, those good guys games might downgrade me a bit. :)

Inkpot said...

I want to crush Faramir with a troll and prance through middle earth causing death and destruction as the balrog!

wait, don't have a ps3.

No fair.

Aizan, thinking up ways to crush, melt, decapitate and generally kill barbie dolls takes time and effort. Video games are much more fun. :D

Shadowthorne said...

Inky, the look on Gandalf's face when he saw the destruction of Hobbiton and the mountainous pile of hobbits was..... priceless.

Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Ms Inky, I pretend the barbie dolls are my ex-bosses, my exes, my current bosses... and I squish, burn, pull their hair out and stick needles in them.

It's a way to manage anger.


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