Anger Management

As still as a mountain, pliant as the bamboo trees. A man should be solid and can adapt to many changes. But not me. Like a smashed mirror. All shiny facets and brilliant, yet still a broken thing. I got angry for so many things in life.

I always begin the day with a neutral mood, indifferent of things. But as the day plodded along, with addition of my volatile mood, I got angry on a constant basis. Thank goodness I don't have HBP, maybe because I usually vented out the bad vibes rather quickly.

How to control my temper;

1. Warn the villagers of the impending doom @ erupting volcano.

2. Triple warned the densest people. Because they are naturally stupid and cannot take the hints.

3. Make sure there are no fragile or easy to reach things in our vicinity. This is to avoid property destruction or accidental flying missiles.

4. Make it quick and simple. A tantrum is bad for your image. 


Aizan Suhaira said...

As a fellow Evil Being, I can identify why you get consistently get angry every single day.

It's because you expect to get angry (by the many, many warnings you give to people).

Don't mean to preach, but praying helps :)

Inkpot said...

i too get angry every day. i wake up in the morning on an even keel but it doesn't take long before something happens to make my ire rise. :(

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