Thinking of Sephiroth

If someone put a sword in my hands and asked me to lop off the head of my enemy.... I'd asked him what's the catch? Because I'd seriously like to do it, if I can get away with murder.

If somebody I hate was drowning in front of me..... I'd let him die. But if there are people watching, at least PRETEND to save the poor sod.

If I met someone I REALLY dislike who was walking by the road as I was driving.... I'd hit him / her with my car from behind, dragged the body into the bushes, and if a bit more assertive, bury the rotten body with concrete a week after.

If I was asked how to make somebody die in a lot of pain with only a knife thrust.... I'd target his lower stomach, so the spilling gastric acid would eat away his gut and flesh, and there is no way to stem that tide. :)

I wished a lot of bad things to happen to bad people.

p.s. - oh and walling people up is a delicious death especially for those who likes to nag


Inkpot said...

Wow Shadowthorne! Thanks for my daily dose of darkness and dismemberment. I needed that. I watched my neighbour chop his wife into little bits this afternoon. Of course, all I could see was his axe rising above the fence at the end of the garden, but I'm sure that was what he was doing. What else could it be - right?

amirahsyuhada said...

Poor my friend, sian dia...karang merajuk pula, okaylah aku padamlah komenku yang telah mengguris hati mu itu. Ala bucuk..bucuk si evil ni. Lagipun seorang yang baik sepertiku tak patut melukai hati seorang evil ini.

Aku kalau dapat pedang sisephiroth ni, aku cuma tahu potong sayur je, maklumlah aku ni sekelumit pun tak evil.Nak jentik semut pun aku tak sanggup apa lagi nak langgar musuh aku.

Ya kau seorang evil yang amat evil, takut segala enemy mu nak memandang apa lagi menjeling, ya sungguh takuuuuuuuut mereka itu padamu.

Dan ya, aduhhhh...sungguh suka aku akan cerita di blog mu ttg betapa evilnya keevilanmu itu.

Shadowthorne said...

:) But if you meet the said wife the next day... what was he chopping then? Wow, you live in a horror flick!

Maybe he was chopping some dogs meat for his cat. Do you remember when the last time you saw your dogs? :)

Shadowthorne said...

??? Tak faham bahasa lah si amirahsyuhadah nie? Aku bukan maksud entry yg nie, tapi entry SEBELUMNYA la!

Kesian, ye la, muda2 nak berlagak handal. Tembak orang pun tak kena even point blank.

Jadikan wanita ini pengajaran bagi anda semua. :)

Inkpot said...

Perhaps she as chopping him up? :)

SSQuo said...

I aint swimming in the deep with you around, thats for sure! :P

Aizan Suhaira said...

Reminds me of the days when I used to plot murders in my head.

But me turning over a new leaf now, remember?

Tenchi said...

to lop off the head...do you think everyone can easily do that? Its need certain amount of force n special angle to do that...bcos to cut through the vertebrate is not an easy job...

Shadowthorne said...

.... if you have the right sword lah! i never said to use your kitchen knife.

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