Oooo, Something to do.

I stole this from Kiki's Eat A Pomme and filled them up. (Not my cat, Kiki. An actual person that is. Hope she wont send a virus my way)

I Am: EVIL (enough said).

I Want: the world on a silver platter, preferably not damaged much .
I Have: some money, but I wanted more.
I Wish: I was 'traffic-stoppingly' good looking.
I Fear: that I will poison the minds of younger generations in school.
I Hear: 'Forever Young' from my sister's huge stereo. Loves retro.
I Search: for the reason why I cannot have it all.
I Wonder: when will they make a movie about killer psychotic cats.
I Regret: having so many faults.
I Love: being by myself.
I Always: am thinking about taking advantages of people.
I Usually: bath my cat once every 2 weeks.
I Am Not: NICE.
I Dance: a jig, rarely, by myself. 
I Sing: along while using my Bluetooth headphone.
I Never: understand why people cannot finish everything on their plate properly at meals.
I Rarely: compliment people.
I Cry: a long long time ago...
I Am Not Always: there for you, but I will try.
I’m Confused: by love.

I Should: keep on living the good life.

p.s - feel free to steal from me guys. I encourage pilfering even at school.


Aizan Suhaira said...

You are a study of contradictions.

SSQuo said...

What's this jig like? Do you flap your hands in the air, or is it all movement with the feet only? :)

Shadowthorne said...

Flap your hands in the air?!!! That's chicken dance!!!
My jig is purely spontaneous and lasted a few seconds only. Usually after a triumph over the force of Good.

Aizan does it too. She has many triumphs lately, usually over the force of so-called good Nani.

amirahsyuhada said...

"I Am: EVIL (enough said)."

You had buy anything that entertain you at hell? I heard evil live at hell eternity.

Shadowthorne said...

.....sigh.... sometimes i think this amirahsyuhada girl is trying EXTRA hard to make me HATE her. and you know what? she is doing very well indeed.

one of these days she will realise that i am not joking.

some bitch should be shot in the head for being rabid....

Inkpot said...

I want: To be a follow of Shadowthorne's blog
I don't want: To be called a minion


The dark queen (of laziness)

Shadowthorne said...

You should be in my evil fan-club. You'll get goodies and fun magazines with 'How to Rule the Planet in 6 days' tips. Also with bios of previous successful dark lords. yay!

Inkpot said...

Sign me up, sounds good. :)

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