Chicken Soup Ultima

Ingredients; 300 gram of chicken (with bones), lots of potatoes (because I like them), four forest mushrooms from Tesco, soup powder, garlic (1 bulb), ginger, 1 tbs of chicken essence, 2 1/2 tbs of oyster sauce, salt for taste, 400 ml of water.

1. Fry the chopped ginger and garlic (I used a lot of garlic, loves it) until fragrant.
2. Plop in the chicken and stir fry the lot for a few minutes and add the soup powder then.
3. The mixture now would look like sticky goo, but have no fear, we are far from over. 
4. Add in the rest of the ingredient and let it simmer for 10 minutes if you are a vampire who likes blood in your meal like me, or 25 minutes for mere humans like you. 

It's soup! You cannot get it wrong. Just boil everything up.

p.s. - Garlic is a miracle bulb! Eat a lot of it and you will get sick rarely. Seriously, that's one of my secrets.


Tenchi said...

look tasty...

Inkpot said...

If you are a vampire how come you like garlic so much? ;)

Shadowthorne said...

It is delicious Tuck wai.

Inkpot; You and millions others were duped. Garlic IS the elixir of youth, look at our beautiful pale skins and beautiful faces. We can go ot into sunshine, but we try to get it into minimum. Remember; history was written by the victors. Who are the victors, you think? Mwa ha ha ha ha! :)

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