There Are No News Like Bad News

Lately I had been following the news at 8.00 pm because there was nothing else to do when typing my work in the living hall. From the hour long broadcast (including various advertisements) I can assume an average of 20 minutes of news about politics and bad stuffs were shown to the public. Dirty politics, lawsuits, crimes, natural disasters etc. 

All these negative vibes tarnishes the soul.

When I was in Borneo, I never watched the news for 3 years, and I was a happier person. Really. You can call me an ignorant person, but I believe as the good wizard Ridcully of Discworld; if they stopped yelling at you after two minutes, it means there is nothing worth knowing about.

I will try to ignore the news this evening, and tomorrow, and the day after. Ignorance is indeed bliss, maybe because we don't have to carry those bad ideas in our heads.

Tell me if I am wrong. 


Tenchi said...

me too...i never touch newspaper for almost 5 years already...if i read newspaper also i read the comic and the special topic...never browse into the local and international news and also sport news...

TV...is a stranger to me nowadays...i facing LCD screen more than i face TV...haha

Aizan Suhaira said...

In my line of work I have to read the newspaper everyday.

But I usually start from the back... where the sports section is. It's the least depressing.

Then I go to the business section.

I give the front page (where all the bad news and freaking politics are) to the street dwellers so they can use it as toilet paper.

That's where it belongs anyway.

To be used for wiping someone's arse.

drNO said...

I don't watch the news. Rarely, hardly. I hate it. Especially the dirty politics and all the depressing stuff.
I read the news online if really feel like it. that way i can choose which to read and which to skip.

it tarnish the soul indeed.

Vyazz said...

Yeah....the news of late can really be a drag. Frankly though, my curiosity gets the better of me and I just have to know. To each of his own I guess.

Inkpot said...

I don't watch the news. I gave up when news stations started reading out text in comments from viewers. I occassionally listen to headlines or read the news on line but it is always the same old thing - no money, bad politicians and murders. No news there really.

Shadowthorne said...

So we all agree then; the news are bad for our health. And ignorance is bliss.


SSQuo said...

I beg to differ. I do watch the news, but I choose when to drift off into my idealistic world, and boy do I ever :)

Shadowthorne said...

Only you SSQuo. Only you. :)

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