I Am An Introvert. Seriously. Helping You.

I am and always be an introvert person. My friends and colleagues would not believe it, seeing me beating my wide path everywhere in life and at work. I may look raucious and loud, morbidly funny and ruthless in choices, yet I don't like to be in the limelight. Notoriety is quite ok, but to be popular is out of the question. 

As I taught my students; never attract attention. Trouble will come for you.

I wished to do great many things in life. And unfortunately I cannot achieve those many things because of several reasons; not tall enough, not good looking enough, not enough money and  not having  enough social connections. Ok, ok. Some of my dreams were to be a fantasy author, a film producer, and even an MTV video director. 

For example; after watching a movie or music video, I'd criticize any elements I do not like in the production (usually with a friend so sportingly lending an ear). And I will usually have the improvements playing in the LCD of my head. I try to have this blog as a movie critic's but... heck, you people don't seem to watch as much movie as I do. Oh well.

Back to introvert me. I never wished to be Grand Emperor of the World in my own fantasy realms (in my head). Even in life, I prefer to work for someone else, or behind the curtains. Never put me up as a leader because you will rue that day I grew power hungry :) (My colleagues are beginning to regret their choice of elevating me to Staffroom Committee Member... I am now making myself heard in the staffroom, loudly commenting ON them).

So as my Irish friend, Inky told the world in her blog that she needed help in her writing... I will do my best to help a friend achieve that dreams, when I cannot walk the same path. I am not asking for a single penny (to the chagrin of my evil minions residing in my Tower of Bloodstayne). A thank you and being content of a job well done is ok.



Aizan Suhaira said...

Hmmm... I dunno whether I can still be categorized as a full-time introvert anymore.

Just yesterday I was chatting with this guy from a mamak place as if I've known him and have gone to his restaurant for years.

I went there for the first time yesterday.

But don't you worry. I am still the Duchess of Evil. Sometimes we evil ones love to pretend to be friendly.


SSQuo said...

Hmm, well I think personally that you can be a tad bit introverted or shy but can still do exceptionally well in life. Yes, a little social networking is required.

Also, why do u concentrate on the things YOU think are bad e.g. not tall enough? I mean who said you have to be tall to do something, will you be able to direct a show better if you have to BEND to the lens? I mean its ridiculous. You have talent and THATS what you have to focus on, thats it!

Am sorry i am a bit harsh on this, but I think people like you who actually have something to contribute should stand up and DO IT instead of all the people who DONT have it and are making it big.

I have a photographer friend who gave up photography a few years ago. Today marks the day when he shoots again, and I am thrilled coz he's really just a really nice, simple introverted guy who is awesome at his work (and not a pervert) but is just not the social butterfly or superficial blob! Still, he doesnt need to give up his dream because the rest of the world is diff, he has to make and continue to be who he is! And he made that step today!

Ok...I am done now.

Inkpot said...

aw, Shadowthorne, thank you. you have to come to the premier when the movie is made and then we can both give out about how much better the book was. :)

SSQuo is right though. You shouldn't give up on things. I don't see why you still can't be a fantasy author or movie director. I am a very introverted person and I find socialising very difficult, but I'm not going to let that stop me (although a certain cloud would like to make me think otherwise from time to time).

When you are talented at something you have an obligation to use it. To get all cliched, the higher the payoff the greater the risk and nothing worthwhile was ever got easily.

Also, I love reading your movie reviews and would like to see more of them. I find it interesting you have an LCD in your head. I've always had more of a holodeck. :)

Tenchi said...

I also like to read your movie reviews...haha...remember the evil day that we go watch movie together?...your reviews...I can made its as my references...to watch or not to watch

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