We Launched Rockets All Day!

I brought my Chilean Rose tarantula, Rosy to school in her terrarium for next week's 'Science & Math Week' exhibition in my Physics lab. I will bring Pandy to school next Tuesday, because the ferret is so attached to me, and there is no way in Hell I'm leaving him alone for the weekend. 

Tomorrow there will be a water rocket launching competition at a local planetarium by the beach. I will be taking 3 students to join the fun and I am not really hoping for victory because, yes, sometimes I don't even care if we won - it's the pessimist in me.

But we had a great time this morning till afternoon, experimenting! We launched water rockets several times in the school field, and I could feel the envy of many students (and even teachers) that we were allowed to have so much fun outside class in full view of others. (Yes, I deliberately wanted them ALL to see. It's a subtle kind of promotion - To play water rocket's, get enrolled in Sir Ramzu's classes).

Well, tomorrow's the big day. I am not hoping to get 1st place, but heck I wish the competition wouldn't be that long. I hate being in the sun too much.


Inkpot said...

You don't mention Rosy that much. Any chance of a picture? how did she like school? Good luck with the competition tomorrow. I hope you have fun, whatever the outcome. :)

SSQuo said...

Good luck! And even if you don't win you'll come back with a nice tan!

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; you can see Rosy in my www.flickr.com/photos/ramzu site.

SSQuo; I like being fair!

Inkpot said...

Your pets are lovely. The spiders are really beautiful, but something I would rather admire from a distance. Your rabbits I want to play with. They are sooooo cute! I'm sorry to hear about Artemis. Very sad. :(

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; thanks for viewing. It's too bad you don't do tarantulas. You might have some new ideas for horror when you are close to one. :)

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