This is Going To Be A Very Tough Week....

I was finishing my Physics class at 12.40 pm when one of the girls said; "Sir, what are we going to do for this afternoon tuition class?"

And I said,"WHAT???!!!"

Bloody hell! I have forgotten about the extended class after school for Fifth Formers. I was hoping to go back earlier and take a nap.

Tomorrow I have a meeting for a rocket launching competition this coming Saturday. Ok ok,  not real ballistic missiles, just water propelled rockets. It's a Physics thing.

I hate meetings. It would take too much time and I will lose my nap, AGAIN!

Next week, we will having our 'Science & Maths Week'. Our Head of Department is asking left and right about the preparation, wanting everything to be ready and perfect. I dislike perfectionist. Such people will not leave room for creativity.

I am in charge of photography, the Physics exhibition and 'The A-Math-Zing Race' (NOT my idea,  I think it sounds silly).

p.s. - Well, at least I returned back and had my late nap finally. Pandy is so cute, I am so glad I have him even though he's messy about pooping! Kiki is toying with a cockroach now. I hope she is not planning to eat the poor insect.


kiki said...

miss u...
bukan u suke ker perfectionist?
btol x??

SSQuo said...

You have triggered an idea for a post, one Ive been meaning to write for a long long time.

Th good thing is that even though you have a hard week ahead, you always have this new fella to come home to. So what does Pandy eat?

Shadowthorne said...

Kiki; yes, I miss you too. :)

SSQuo; I think I will bring Pandy to school next week. Gloating time (I have a ferret and you will never have one for a thousand years!) Pet ferrets can eat cat kibbles, beef, mutton, chicken and fish! (raw)

SSQuo said...

Oh stop your gloating already!!

PSttt: Pandy, this Mambang fellow is using you to get back at other sweet bloggers. Bite him!

Aizan Suhaira said...

Yes, the a-math-zin race sounds sadly pathetic.

Why don't you let Pandy lose so he can bite the teachers who thought of that silly name for a game.

Inkpot said...

Sounds like a tough week all right. Good luck, it is nearly over now! Plus, Pandy sounds so cute. :)

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