The Real X-Files (Because Inky Asked Me To Tell)

I never met a real ghost, evil spirits or any type of friendly poltergeist (or not). But I had experienced two unexplained phenomena when I was like 9 or 10 years old, in my primary school compound, a long long time ago. But those memories will never fade, because they are authentic paranormal activities. 

1. The Brownish Flying Thing

My mom was a library teacher in the same school I attended. So she would spend extra long time in the library after school to do stock checking or whatever librarians did at closing time. I would be left alone amusing myself around school, and I must stress this - ALONE. Nobody in the right mind would loiter around when school is out, right? But I had to, because my mom drove me home.

So one very hot afternoon, I was walking around the deserted classroom block and found a broomstick lying against the wall by a corner. I gave the broom a kick and walked around the corner to get to the library. As I was walking and feeling so sorry about myself (because I was so damn bored) something flew from behind, went past me and zoomed at incredible angle at the far corner of the building - out of sight.

Immediately I gave chase because, even at a very young age, I was a rabid monster and loved to catch and torture birds. I went around the building twice, and - zoom! There it was again, flying so fast from behind and turned at the other corner of the building. I was angry because this huge long and brown bird seemed like to mock me, by flying so close - it almost touched me. I kept on running to catch that damn animal.

I was sweating and panting when I gave up chasing the accursed flying creature. Then I realized that I was standing at the same spot I kicked the broomstick off the wall. The broomstick wasn't there anymore...  And it occured to me that the flying thing I was chasing was too long and too big to be a mere bird. I told my mother about it and she said I was storytelling. Erm...  

2.  The Red Beyond The Fence

The second incidence happened at the school field, very late in the afternoon, at the end of our Sports Day. I was cute, with Damien-like haircut and was dreadfully bored at the edge of the field because I HATED sport (and still am). My friends and teachers were having a good time shouting and screaming at a football match which I never bother which team vs which team.

So I walked to the wire fence at the end of the school's field and peered into the gloom. At that time, there were still huge rubber trees with dense bushes underneath growing beyond the fence. In the dim light, I saw crude tombstones underneath and among the bushes. I had to look carefully, and there were a lot of them. Nope, I was not afraid of graves if you wonder.

Then something dropped from above and fell in front of me, beyond the fence. A drop of dark red fluid. I wasn't alarmed because I thought maybe some bird was shitting up there. Then, the red liquid began to drop like crazy on the leaves of the bushes in front of me - very convincing, and if I know much better, the special effect was an honour to Grade-A horror movies. (At that age, I never watched any scary movies yet).

This specific rain of red stuff got me frowning and I peered up in to the trees. Nothing. There was nothing in the gloom to be the source. I was thinking that maybe the gardener had pitched some leftover red paint in the bushes... but heck, I know what red paint looked like. And these drops looked like blood... I wasn't screaming or doing sissy things actors do in a scary movie, ok!

A friend shouted my name, asking me to walk back with him. I left the fence, walked to my mom's car and as usual, not telling her about it.

But the next day I asked an older Chinese male teacher who had a shine on me (ultimate teacher's pet, remember?) about the tombstones in the bushes, beyond the fence. He said that the graves belonged to British and Japanese soldiers who fought a battle at the very site, way before Independence. Grave sharing - gosh!

Now the tombstones are no more, and two flats for teachers are now in place.

So folks, there you have it, two real paranormal events I experienced myself. Please do not insult your own intelligence by asking; hey, wasn't ghosts supposed to go out at night? A real occultist will tell you that spirits are more prone to roam during extreme hours of the day, like twilight, dusk and 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Midnight is actually quite safe!

Now Inky, tell me what you have seen that is out of this world.

p.s. - some of you might not believe me. But seriously, I was fearless as a child. The only things I was scared of were shiny sharp objects and my father.


Aizan Suhaira said...

A flying broom... really? Maybe Mr. Potter, Harry Potter was doing his rounds.

The red drops could be secretion from the tree itself. 'red rubber'... getah pokok berwarna merah. There are such things.

No, I'm not a skeptic. But I try to rationalize.

Okay, the Harry Potter thing was my attempt at a mean joke.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; It NEVER crossed my mind that the thing I saw is a thing Mr Potter can climb up and fly with. This broom was like you can find at most kampung houses, made from lidi and binded with rattan or bambo strings.

And those rubber trees should excrete white latex, and the red liquid ran faster on the leaves. I know what I saw and your scientific judgment cannot budge me o evil one.

Shadowthorne said...

Anyway, the BLOOD fell like rain! And there was no sign of it the next day (I checked during recess the next day).

Aizan Suhaira said...

Must be a bird suffering from piles then...

Shadowthorne said...

It RAINED, not dropping on a leaf only. Aiyoh, so hard to make a sceptic happy.

SSQuo said...

They are definitely very interesting stories. I personally do believe that there might be things roaming around, but I try to block that. I mean I don't want to know if he's peeking!

Shiny sharp objects have appeared two times in the past few weeks. You don't have to explain, but I see that they did impact you.

Finally, I loved Damien, so I think you were probably as cute and evil?

Inkpot said...

Wow Shadowthorne, they are very interesting x files. I've heard of the raining tree king of scenario before and given the background of the grave yard it doesn't surprise me, but the flying broomstick is something new.I would love know more about it.

As for my stories. Well, I have a lot of good ones second hand, but as for first hand, most of them aren't scary. The creepiest one I can remember was when I moved to Dublin about ten years ago my computer used to turn itself on at night and I would hear sounds running up and down the stairs as if my cat and dog were running up and down really fast, even though they were lying on my bed. It would always happen at the same time every night - about 3am - and it freaked me out. I found it very hard to sleep after a couple of nights. There was no logical explanation and no one else in the house seemed to hear the sounds. However, we got the house blessed and since then there have been no more strange sounds or mysteriously turning on computers.

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo; I looked like Damien when I was young. Fair skinned and creepy too.

Inky; erm.... your poltergeist seemed so computer savvy... And such haunting you described happens here too.

Inkpot said...

Yeah, I guess it wanted to go on the internet :)

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