The Things Girls Leave on Their Plates.

I was having my late breakfast (9.20 am, after a class) when I noticed the many leftovers on the canteen's dining table. Today's morning menu was chicken with fried rice and they were rather good. These abandoned food on the plates in front of me were left by teachers - FEMALE teachers to be exact.

My mom always tell me to finish your food, no matter how bad it taste because it is a gift from God. To waste food is being ungrateful, and there is no sense of wasting good food like these. I was thinking of the children in Africa and Palestine who were starving because food were scarce. Pity.

Erm, I am well versed in the female minds, believe it or not. Girls / women are extremely picky eaters (if they food was shop-bought) and would only eat the parts that they like. Even worse when more than two women sit together for a meal... they have to be careful with what they eat in company! Too much food would brand you as greedy, and small portions are posh. And while they eat... they will condemn on the price and the taste.... I just would like to tell them this; go home and cook your own damn meal!

I am not a bigot. Many of my friends are girls and older ladies. I missed my university years when I brought two or three girls along for lunch or dinner. These friends knew me and they were never afraid to eat with gusto with me at the same table. These girls DID finish their plates, and sometimes asked for seconds. 


As I entered the staffroom to get my things after the last period, I saw some older female teachers were animatedly discussing something at the common table. One of them pointed and called me to join them.

"We would like to know something if you don't mind."
"Ask away."
"What do you use on your face? Any expensive facial scrubs? We know you don't use make up."
"I use nothing but water." From their faces, I didn't think they believe me.

But really; I only use water to clean my face. And eat lots of green vegetables, tomatoes, onions and garlic for general health and skin. I took the picture below on my way home (yes, I was driving). Do I feel vain, or do I really look prettier than you? :)

I still have the surnburn from last week's Sports Day. And lookie, lookie, notice the different colour of the eyes. I wore contact lenses this morning; a mismatch of amethyst and grey. Those who stood near enough would notice the difference.

I don't do green or blue. Too pretentious. :)


Tenchi said...

hehe...who are these two or three girls along for lunch or dinner during university times? Somebody I knew one?

Girls is like that one la...if you are thier boyfriend or husband u have to become thier 'tong sampah' (garbage bin) to finish off the left over food they cant finish...

Aizan Suhaira said...

So... you and Khir Toyo have something in common. A love for tempe.

It's the only explaination for skin so smooth.


SSQuo said...

Hmm I'll eat what I have to, like it or not! And I'm kinda known for that, its just a good thing that I don't put on the weight.

Ok I really need to see your teeth. Please smile, even if you are alone. Colored lenses, hmm agree green or blue is a bit too fake.

Shadowthorne said...

Tenchi; you will be the next garbage can.

Aizan; i hate tempe!

SSQuo; You wanna see my teeth? For what? To check for fangs?!

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