The Search Is Over. I Got A Ferret!!!!

Been looking for one for almost 2 and a half years. None was sold in Malacca and the ferrets I saw in KL were either sickly or extravagantly priced (one grand and above). So I amused myself by getting tarantulas, guinea pigs and finally, cats. (Snakes are so slimy and... still. Boring).

So two weeks ago I encountered an adoption advert in Mudah.my and I was pleasantly surprised that the advertisement came from Malacca. I text messaged the person involved and we exchanged messages until I realized that the person and his ferret were in fact in Damansara, more than 200 km away from me. He put the adverts by hoping the ferret will be adopted by somebody from his homestate, when he returns back this Labor's Day, 1st May.

I wanted the ferret. And was very willing to pay the deposit (so he can take the advert off!).

That was two weeks ago.

So yesterday morning, me and my two cronies flew in my Kia to fetch my ferret, two weeks in advance, for reasons I do not wish to bore you with. We visited the place and the friendly couple were nice and we witnessed their love about anything ferret! They even accompany us to my ferret's second vaccination at a local vet clinic.

After saying goodbye to the ferret-wise couple, we visited Ikano Power Centre (ooo I am SO SORRY Aizan! Was thinking of you and your killer pillows as I walked past IKEA). Bought a few ferret stuffs (cannot be found anywhere in Malacca) and after that, immediately zoomed back home.

My ferret is male with sable markings. His name was Lawrence, but I decided to rename him Pandemonium or Pandy for short. This is a really fitting name; he managed to escape his cage the first night at home. Very very playful.
So welcome home Pandy!

p.s. - I gave Araphone I Kakeru to a friend on Wednesday as I cannot cope having three large animals to care. Kiki was a bit sulky, losing Keru - his playmate and was giving me the cold shoulder treatment ever since Keru moved away.


Inkpot said...

Your ferret is so cute and I love the name. You will certainly have your hands full with Pandy.

I'm said to hear Keru is gone though. :(

Aizan Suhaira said...

Does this mean I have to pay 50sen to visit your mini-zoo?

Vyazz said...

I have seen quite a few ferrets on sale here in the Petersburg pet stores. Not to mention guinea pigs, macaws and chameleons.
frankly I have not seen any ferrets being sold in India. So can u like let them out to wander about or must they stay in the cage all day??

Shadowthorne said...

Inky; Thanks a lot. :) Keru is in good hands anyway. My friend loves her as much as I do. :)

Aizan; This is a private zoo dear. How about your collection of zoo animals? (idiot colleagues, gorillas at clubs, naughty old men) :)

Vyazz; I adore pet shops! But we don't have enough of them here. I let him wonder out for an hour or two supervised. Ferrets get easily bored.

Tenchi said...

Pandemonium is the game you used to play last time!!

Poor keroro ops is keru...u abandon your cat due to this Ferret...do ferret and civet cat same?

Shadowthorne said...

Civet cat and ferret are relatives! But there are no ferrets in the wild anymore.

Tenchi said...

Then you not afraid of bird flu from civet cat?

Shadowthorne said...

Jealous! Just plain jealous!

Inkpot said...

I'm glad Keru is in good hands. :)

Pandy is so cute, I'm sure you'll have great times keeping him out of mischief

SSQuo said...

Welcome Pandy!!

It's good that Keru is in good hands, but wasnt it hard giving her up? If I were Kiki I'd scratch the living daylights out of you. Sorry, its the bond we have (hypothetically).

Shadowthorne said...

Inky & SSQuo; Keru is giving my friend a hard time. She slashed his wardrobe and being nasty on pooping.

I think she misses Kiki. Ha ha ha!

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