'Sissy' Teachers and Stupid Students.

I was in school this morning, after 3 days absence, attending that STUPID camping program I told you guys about. There are two things I wish to share with you, about the two incidences today, which some might say rather petty, but are really close to my heart.

1st Incidence.

I am usually punctual, arriving on time to the Science lab. I make it a habit to let my students see me walking purposely to the lab, so they know I am waiting and would be rather nasty if they are late (I like to give warnings first, remember?).

As I was walking by the classroom block, I saw a practical teacher entered my students' class, 2E. I continued to the laboratory and after a few minutes of waiting, only a few students arrived.

"Where are the rest of you?"
"They are still in the class sir."
???  "You did see me walking past your class, didn't you?"
"Yes we did. But the other boys and girls said they wanted to be with the relief teacher. They say you are absent today."
[Shadowthorne the Dragon emerged]
"WHAT?!!! Go tell them if they are not here in two minutes, I'll rip them in half," pointing to a student. "And send my regards to that teacher." (in a calmer tone)
The rest of the students trooped in. I berated them for 15 minutes, cursing their lack of insight and their tendency to play around, which would lead to a very very bleak future.

But personally; I kind of like it - they fear me.

2nd Incidence.

I was teaching in another class (2C) at 1.20 pm when the Head Department of Language entered and asked my permission to talk to my class. She said one particular male practical teacher was having a bad time teaching the class. She said the teacher reported that the class was always rowdy and difficult to teach. The next time the teacher enters, she would expect cooperation from the students and would call the names of the stubborn ones during assembly.

And then she left.

I was thinking.... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE NEW TEACHERS?! What you expect from students today? To sit calmly and demurely while you teach? Even I, one of the most brutal teachers in the school, got a few things to straightened up before beginning a lesson.

I remembered when I was a practical teacher in 2003, teaching in a lab, next to a basketball court. Imagine the noise and the distraction me and my students had to endure whenever some classes having PE. When my professor monitored me one day (during the same noise-storm from the basket-ball court, complete with the balls banging on the lab's windows!) he mentioned at the end of the class that he had never seen such an iron-fist grip a teacher had over his students in a very difficult situation. I was able to make the students giving their fullest attention to me admist the chaos just outside the lab. I was proud of myself...

So back to the original story. This particular practical teacher is rather cute (it's never wrong to admit another guy is cute, ok?) and he's an Army Cadet instructor! But to be a snitch was the last thing I expect from him. If you cannot face the music (or the students) just wail and go back to your mother!

We need more strong and dedicated teachers - not crybabies!  


Inkpot said...

How did the camping trip go, or would you rather not talk about it? What happens on camping trip stays on camping trip, perhaps?

I can see why these things got to you. In my experience all relief teachers are like that. The students pick on their weaknesses and make their life hell, especially if they are cute. The ones who toughen up and learn how to control a class survive. The others get eaten.

Shadowthorne said...


Inky; Did they eat you?!

SSQuo said...

Gosh you are a terror!!! You will be one of the teachers that students will talk about 20 yr from now when they get together.

'Remember how MR. Mambang (for lack of real name) used to give us the look and scream at us. Gosh, he was evil' --- I hear them say. :)

I think that even though you are strict I think you are nice to kids coz one can make out that you care about what you do, and that means its a way of being and commanding the respect from a student. They look upto you, the learned one!

The Learned One, that sounds tooo cooll huh? :)

Inkpot said...

I don't think I got eaten, but maybe I did. I can't tell anymore. Perhaps this is all taking place within a child's stomach, matrix style?

Aizan Suhaira said...

I was a naughty student and I agree that the only way to make someone like me pay attention is to be really strict and/or be really good at teaching the subject matter.

And oh, send my regards to that cute male teacher.

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo; yes, i try to achieve immortality that way. :)

Inky; I think if you were eaten, you'd poison them!

Aizan; I do not wish to talk to a snitch of a teacher. To me, someone who snitches is a great crybaby!

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