Do You Believe in The Occult? (Read at Your Own Peril)

I am just back from meeting an Indonesian shaman who lives near the Hang Jebat Stadium. My mom, aunt and a couple of female relatives accompanied me to meet this ordinary looking guy who said he was some great and powerful witch-doctor / shaman / miracle-man.

Yes, I have a big and evil demon inside me. And they had been unsuccessful to remove him.

I do believe in the paranormal because I had witnessed two unexplained phenomena myself. But I will only tell you if you wish to know about them. I do not like to seem like a crazy person who make things up.

Back to the darkness within... I was never afraid of the dark. I like the dark and I do have my classes in poor light, to the protest of many students who wished the lights to be switched on. I was born bad and had to act my way through life to be accepted. Only my late father knew about the true me, but it was way too late, because shortly then, he passed away.

Anyway back to this shaman guy who said pretty much convincing things, saying excerps from the Holy K0ran to make his points. His home was small and stuffy, and it got worse when he smoked in that windowless hut. My aunts kept asking him various questions; mostly about remedies to so many ailments. He answered by giving the recipes most commonly found in the folks medicine tomes. I am not impressed.

Then, he asked me to cleanse myself by fasting for 3 days. Seriously no food and drinks for 3 straight days! (The usual method of fasting; no eating and drinking from sun-up to sun-down). I almost laughed in his face. It's hard and impossible for me (as I need to drink gargantuan amount of water, it's diabetes insipidus). The guy said, by fasting, I cleanse my body (which is true) and he will be able to insert himself into big wicked me (which I have serious doubts) and drive the horror away.

I studied the guy carefully... and instantly saw something that made my doubts reasonable. Moslem men cannot wear gold, as stated in the Holy Book and Sunnah. This man was wearing a golden necklace under his shirt. So I do not need to heed an order from someone who breaks a religious law. Even I, as bad as you can only imagine, never wear gold.

Tell me what you think. Have you meet these so called holy men before? 


Aizan Suhaira said...

Nope, I've never met shamans/holy men/bomohs/pawangs.

Yes, I do believe in the 'dark side' as a good friend of mine and her family had been on the receiving end of black magic.

But I agree with you that not all the holy men are actually holy. And the one you've described doesn't sound very convincing.

And be careful who you go to for help. As some of them just make it worse.

What the hell is wrong with you anyway that you and your family have to seek a bomoh's help?

Inkpot said...

Yes, I believe in the occult (surprise surprise). I have met with people who practise different branches of it and with shamans and people who have 'the gift'. I have no doubt that there are people who really are in touch with occult forces but for everyone who is genuine there are hundred who are false. I think you should follow your instinct and not trust this guy. If he is quoting scripture and then going against it, he doesn't sound like the real deal.

Now, please tell us about your experiences with the paranormal.

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Something is ALWAYS wrong with me. People can see it (the wrongness), and I don't really care because it is an integral part of me. Sometimes my relatives just had to get me see this particular pawang to make it go away. Some bomohs who saw it said it was huge and strong. erm...

Inky; ooooo, what gifts? I am always interested in the X-Files of other cultures. Ha ha ha.

Vyazz said...

Errr...truth be told....I Totally believe in the occult, the paranormal.....heck even in aliens!!!
But as far as meeting shamans or holy men are concerned, I have met them. Well I dunno wat category will u put astrologers in. And in spite of how much I wanna believe in these things I need proof. (I'm a bit of a rationalist as well).
Newayz....so we did once come across this astrologer who said the stuff about our past sooo damn accurately I wuz stunned. I wuz like woah.....ur good. In India such ppl are taken very seriously. An ppl right from celebrities and politicians consult them. Some of them are really good...but the others are just shams.

SSQuo said...

Im kinda a believer, but I need facts too. I have visited an astrologer once - she was quite a modern one actually, and perhaps one of those that consult those celebrities that Vzazz was talking about.

I was intrigued by this lot of people who claimed they knew things you didnt tell them, and wanted to visit one to know what it was like...you know.

Some things she said were a bit enlightening, but thinking back, a lot she said was based off on MY reactions. If you are intuitive enough and observant enough there is much you can conclude without having the powers.

There is one thing she said that made me upset then, but it didnt happen and its proof that she was wrong, OR I made my own path!

That being said, I still do believe that there are some people who truly have a power. And yes, one thing has happened to me, me who was a skeptic, it was a bit surreal, not related to religion btw or God, or whatever, it was more about a process, the mind etc.

Tell us about ur experiences.

Shadowthorne said...

Vyazz n SSQuo; I happen to believe in Chinese astrology, heh heh heh. But none of the zodiac crap even though my Sagittarian attributes are mostly correct.

... three shamans gave up on me already. I just think they are a bunch of liars.

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