A F**king BORE!

I returned back from school late after a meeting. Q-Nett and all that crap. Please don't get me started on the bloody paperwork etc. Gosh, they run the teachers tired, then they blame us for the pompous stupidity of students today. "Oh no, you must not blame the students, you must blame yourselves if the bloody students bloody fail!" No fair!!!!! Are most of our society blind to see that many students nowadays DO NOT EVEN want to study and treated school as another playground? If it is really up to me I WILL NOT make school cumpulsory, even though it is still free. Let the youngsters who are really interested to study enroll. Well, this would create less job for teachers but education cannot be forced. You study or die starving - my humble opinion. 

So then, I called upon a friend and we watched KM 31, a Mexican horror film at MBO at 6.00 pm. And for THE FIRST TIME in my illustrious movie-going years, I slept through one!!!!!!! It was that BORING! The ghosts were not really frightening and a total rip-off from The Ring horrors (which was a great film). I astonished myself really, realizing I was dozing on and off not because of tiredness, but the sheer tedium of the film. Heck, I usually laugh at a horror flick, but KM 31 was so bad I don't have anything funny to be amused at. It was so bad I REFUSE to give a review or even tell the synopsis.  I say, go and eat dirt South American film makers!


Aizan said...

I always find horror films unbelievably boring and not scary at all.

But funnily enough, I was scared shitless watching Jangan Pandang Belakang. Go figure!

amirahsyuhada said...

Hmmm.. aku tengok "histeria " pun bersebab. Tapi setakat citer orang putih horror ni memang lansung tak seram,tapi cerita asian, jangan le sebut, tak tergamak aku nak tgok.

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