Drive Drove Driven and Driving

I love driving, but today my vehicular endurance was sorely tested. From this morning till evening I drove a near total of 450 km. You might said,"Only 450 km and he made a fuss?" Heck, I hate driving in a city I am not familiar, following cars driven by relatives who did not care if I know the roads. (It was supposed to be a convoy). Dangerous. And my car was already dented by a drunkard in the same city (last year). Fortunately the clumsy son of a b**** had got it worse, his motorcycle split into two. Hoped he died.

I was tired and I hate tail-gating. The journey back was faster than average, the speedometer always around 125 km perhour. Thanks heaven I got back safely...

My cat Kiki is very happy with the catnip toy I bought her. At least that's a consolation. 


Aizan Suhaira said...

I hate convoys too.

But I hate when I'm in the passenger seat even more.

Yesterday we went to Segamat for a kenduri. Mom drove, and I was pressing the imaginary brake paddle all the way.

Drives me crazy.

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