10 Truths About Me

1. Very vain and conceited, and I do make sure people know.

2. Have no suspicion that was naturally born bad, but try (oh ok, act) to be nicer.

3. Love cute animals, but will have no conscience whatsoever to flush said animals down the toilet if they were to much a bother.

4. Love reading fantasy books, and maybe amusing articles once in a while.

5. Have plans to rule the planet - Communist-style. With me as Supreme-Generalissimo. All former friends and trusted enemies shall be dealt accordingly (???).

6. When in a bad mood, will always tell victim before the attack (I do warn people if in a bad mood).

7. Love Chinese cuisine. And likes meat and fish better than chicken. Loves octopi sushi too.

8. Sometimes acted as a loan-shark @ Along @ chetty. .... people like to borrow money from me. And I DO charge interests at interesting rates.

9. Currently living alone with my cat, Artemis II Kikuraides (Kiki) and I don't really mind the loneliness because I LIKE being alone. (My mom shows up once in a while to make sure I am still alive, she now stays at the kampung with my brother).

10. Like to steal small things for keeps. 


endah said...

elo fren, suda ada blog yer. i know you love writing. during old days your stories used to cheer me up. gimme your number to my facebook k?

Inkpot said...

How much warning do you give before you attack? is it 'I'm going to kill you know' and then you kick a student out of a window, or is there more time between warning and attack? ;)

Shadowthorne said...

Whenever I was irritated by someone; usually i'd tell him/her that i am in a bad mood so please stop whetever you are doing. Ample reminder. So if the chairs start to fly again, not my fault.

SSQuo said...

you klepto! stay away from my money clip! :)

Interesting read.

maximus alexius said...

have u ever noticed that u such a romantic person?

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; you KNOW i am romantic? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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