White Squids and Spring Onions - Chinese Wok Style

Ingredients: a whole bulb of garlic (because I like garlic so much), some white squids with their ink sacs removed, a handful of spring onion, 3 teaspoon of oil, half a cube of chicken essence, chilli api (because I love it hot too) and some oyster sauce.

Procedures : (? Macam makmal la plak)

1. Have everything cut to the appropriate size.

2. Toss the minced garlic into the sizzling oil, and give it a stir or two until almost golden.

3. Get the squids and chilli into the pan and give it two minutes. Add in the half a cube of chicken      essence and oyster sauce.

4. Finally put in the spring onion, and after half a minute of tossing everything, take the pan off         the stove. It is now ready.

* The heat must be intense and no need to add in more liquid as the liquid from the squid is sufficient. And this is a STIRFRY, you only need 10 minutes or less for this.

I had this with rice, and a quarter of roasted chicken. My method to cook the chicken was very radical, so I will not tell you how to avoid food poisoning.  


amirahsyuhada said...

wui, where is the picture??

Tenchi said...

the roasted chicken also cook by your self?
seem like going for pemakanan course didn't waste your time at all...

Shadowthorne said...

Thanks for the tip Wai Wai. I will take the picture after this.

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