10 (other) Things About Me

1.  Spent too much money on PS3 video games and toys. (I was compelled to buy them by an unknown force).

2.  Love cold rainy days and don't really mind getting wet. I never got sick even after a full drench from a storm and really wondered why some people got fever after a little drizzle.... (wimps)

3.  Love to collect boxes. Rarely threw any away. My room is almost like a small storage area.

4.  Still thinking of the next ultimate pet or toy to buy....

5.  Have a small safe under the bed filled with unthinkable items from evil past. Ha ha ha.

6.  Always clean up Kiki's litter box everyday, and feed her on time. But neglected the rabbit in the cage outside.

7.  Loves broccoli and garlic. Sometimes have raw onions sliced for any meal.

8.  Currently disappointed because there are no interesting titles of fantasy books on sale.

9.  Also VERY VERY VERY disappointed with the lack of fantasy films shown in the local cinemas.

10.  And no ideas to write anything witty because mind is clouded after a very very prolonged sleep. 


maximus alexius said...

i do love rainy days but quickly got fever after that..huhu poor on me..

Shadowthorne said...

maximus; Wimp.

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