La la la lah 4

What am I doing this particular moment;
1. Sitting at the common table in the stafroom.
2. Listening to music with my Motorola bluetooth headphone (because some of them said I am a bigot in music and secondly, just to show off, ha ha ha)
3. Using the school's computer to surf the net and post this entry.
4. Looking at some female teachers doing business on the next table.
5. Nodding in acknowledgement to three new teachers who walked past me.
6. Feeling rather thirsty.
7. Oh, and I got only 2 periods (80 minutes) this entire day to teach. So bloody free!


amirahsyuhada said...

you always thirsty. Send my regard to all aunties..yeah.

Tenchi said...

Dint know that you looked at female species one...

Aizan said...

"Looking at some female teachers doing business on the next table."

Where is their decencyyyy??? If they wanna do their business, shouldn't they go to the ladies?

Shadowthorne said...

Gosh, I forgot there are some bionic-powered english literates here. Business I mean in the holiest thing, of trade among people. Ceh, Aizan I know you are enjoying that dirty joke.

Inkpot said...

Aizan - rolf!

Bluetooth headsets rock!

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