New Resolution in Progress

Something is against me to realize my new year resolution (being a more organized government servant). The printer was jammed when I was in the middle of printing some 44 pages of Physics yearly lesson plans, deftly stolen from another school's website. Then my laptop went bzzzz and blue-monitored when starting up, and it never did that before. A new student was misplaced and put into my class (2C), and I felt bad vibes from her already, so I asked her to move to another class (2D). No students of mine would have a criminal record to be school-transferred.

During Physics, I took off my spectacles and taught them from the rostrum, which is not my usual modus operandi. (Last 2 years I ALWAYS sit at the same table / bench with all my students. It's a very social act, and makes me most popular). The class went well, with me always belittling and condemning the lack of effort to read (which is always true) and the frozen mindedness of kids nowadays. When I put on my glasses later, I found out that I have a NEW student. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Must wear new specs tomorrow. And more blings.


amirahsyuhada said...

oi oi ya oi, glasses bling-bling? like a prawn river aunties.

Tenchi said...

haha...never seem u wear spec before...

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