I Threw A Chair And I Liked It

I got a sit-in slip today, to virtually babysit class 3E at 9.40 am. I really hate end-of-the-world classes. Most of the students, especially boys are rude and noisy. If I didn't teach the class, it made the distance between me and them colossal.
So I entered 3E a few minutes late with my laptop computer. And I ignored them the first few minutes because 'I don't wanna have any truck to do with them'. Oh, and as I expect them to behave, several boys begin a kicking-contest at the back of the classroom. Shadowthorne emerged, grabbed a plastic chair and threw it among them (from the front of the class). The boys quickly scrambled back to their places.

Shadowthorne withdrew. Commence surfing the internet in total silence.

I PITY the parents who had children like these, who never had a tiny speck of conscience to uphold the family honour. They kick dirt into their parents' faces. Oh hell, not my son / daughter anyway.


eszyne said...

uii ganasnye cekgu. mcm zaman2 skolah dulu gak.

amirahsyuhada said...

you lost your temper and you like it, that is good for you.

Aizan said...

That is the best damn thing that you could possibly do. All hail Shadowthorne. I might have done the same thing.

Inkpot said...

You threw a chair at your students? Now why didn't I think of that when I used to teach! Now I can't get the tune of that song out of my head - I threw a chair and I liked it, the taste of its plastic power (ok, couldn't think of anything that rhymed with chapstick)

Shadowthorne said...

Ha ha ha ha. It is really the same song at the time of the crime, Inkpot! Ha ha ha.

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