Somebody Tagged Me So I Will Do Her This Honour.

1. Do you think you are hot?

No. But different in my head and my personal world.

2. Upload a favourite picture of you.

Not my fav pic. But its on my desktop already. me without glasses.

3. Why do you like that picture?

It was me after a haircut, at least I don't look like a twerp.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?

Last year, I forgot. Pizza is not really delicious and so bloody expensive too. I prefer pasta.

5. The last song you listen to?

Billy Joel's 'Rivers of Dream'

6. What are you doing right now besides this?

Downloading porn. So what? At least I am not lying like some people I know. :)

7. What names do you prefer besides yours?

Amon Ra (happens to be my real name anyway, corrupted), Dammaerung. Shadowthorne. Once was called Ramzu the Red for a couple of years because I had my hair dyed red.

8. People to tag :

Sadly I don't have anyone to tag. I am alone in this world. So what?

9. Who is number one?


10. Number three is having a relationship with?

Me too.

11. Who is number two?

I would be a really enlightened moron if I can answer this. 


Inkpot said...

'in the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep...' - what ever happened to Billy Joel? Your questions about who is number one and who is number two reminded me of the old British tv show 'the prisoner'. Do you know it? Each episode started with the main character asking 'Who are you?' (voice replies) 'I am the new number two' mc 'who is number one?' voice 'You are number six' mc 'I am not a number, I am a free man!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Tenchi said...

Why you like to made your facial expression so cold and motionless...put some smile on your face and lighten up the days...

Shadowthorne said...

I also don't know what happened to Billy. And althoug I love UK tv programs, we have pitifully few aired here. (I love British jokes, so dry yet witty).

I don't like to have my pic taken. I never had a picture of me smiling (unless it was taken without my permission, nowadays everyone is a photographer with their handphones). It would give myself the creeps.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Yes, downloading porn is so much better than nose picking..

Inkpot said...

What about picking your nose while downloading porn? :)

Shadowthorne said...

The subject of nose picking is so fascinating to some females... we live and learn..... :)

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