I HATE Paperwork.

Superman got kryptonite. Garfield got spiders. America got the rest of the free world. And my bane in life is paperwork.

It would seem odd that somebody who loves to write like me hates paperwork. Hell, I hate paperwork because of the pretense of being official and busy-like at work. I hate paperwork because it took so much time, the time you can spend on better things like creative-teaching. If I wanted to do paperwork everyday, I'd be a damn clerk!!!

I am a messy person, so most of my things, including my computer files are not in order (ergo the new year's resolution of being a more tidy person). So when somebody asked to submit a report I did last year, it would take me ages to find that particular document, retype the damn thing, print it, then the printer got jammed, search for another printer, submit it at last... but hell no, it was returned with many red markings, corrections and such, ops I should print it in potrait, not landscape, ya da ya da ya da.....

Some people said the Malaysian education system is the best in the world. Who are these morons? A dynamic education system is bad for us - it got people confused. Paperwork should not be forced upon teachers, these 'glorified' clerks and babysitters. Everytime a new regime (Education Minister, Director of Ed. etc etc pick your fav) arises, there would be interesting new things to do, just to show the world 'WE ARE DOING OUR JOB.' 

I love my work. But sometimes I think there are people who are trying HARD to make the job of teaching difficult.


Inkpot said...

I think they invented paper work for the people who actually like their jobs to make them suffer. For those who already hate their jobs it is just an extra punishment. :)

Tenchi said...

The high level management like to make the lower class people do paperwork...but i think is if you want something to be done, we need to put our hand and time on it and not let the paper work for it!~

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