Among Dead Kings and Mythic Legends.

I was whisked away by two older relatives to visit their brethren somewhere in Permatang Pasir, Selangor. The journey took us 2 hours from my home, and fortunately I didn't have to drive along unfamiliar roads. I slept (or feign sleep) the whole trip.

This is the view of the lush jungle right in front of the house whose family we visited. This is one of the prettiest vegetations group I ever seen (and I have seen a lot, since posted in Borneo).

This is an inside view of Sultan Abdul Samad Mousoleum near Jugra. I was actually impressed to know that our host was actually a descendant of the royal family (she pointed to her grand dad's tomb, great uncles etc.)

 Ah, and guess what is it about the rock above? It's ANOTHER footprint of the legendary Hang Tuah there in Selangor. (Others are in Melaka and Penang). The print was huge, embedded on the rock. There was even a small temple next to it (with people burning incense and paper money).

And this is Istana Bandar, a mini palace built around 1903. I don't know which Sultans lived here and I don't care. But its rather pretty and I was told that it got gallows and a 'batu hampar' (beheading stone). How cool! And it is now currently under restoration.

This trip is indeed an education. Old Malay Sultanates Rules! (Or rather RULED!)


Anonymous said...

woi..Selangor sultanate used to live there, Sultan ABdul Samad, the one of famous Sultanate of Selangor, British took over that palace when they ruled our country. Your history teacher must be sad with you. Dont bother about other people royal blood if actually u never care to know.

Shadowthorne said...

Nani, go and eat grass. I do remember that Istana Bandar was NEVER mentioned in our text books.

And I know you are just JEALOUS because at least I never slept in class. And my host was not related to the one living there, which WAS NOT Sultan Abdul Samad.

The almarhum had ANOTHER palace. Your plan to inhume me backfired. Internet is a wonderful thing.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I would've enjoyed this kind of trip too. There's something about historical places that always piques my interest.

Hey, don't you have a close up of Hang Tuah's aka Bigfoot's footprint?

Anonymous said...

oiii, because history one of my favorite, I do that research to present in one of my class, Istana Bandar is yes damn one of Sultan Abdul Samad palace, you want me to email the power point that I made for that presentation?

And I had told you in one of my comment, I never sleep in my class, I only skip that class if I hate the teacher or that class so damn bored. I never proud of it.

You like to sleep at your workplace (you told us in your blog) and you proud of it, its so fine and suit with you.

I think you are jealouse because we are in a same place even you never skip your class..haha.

Shadowthorne said...

'JEALOUSE'? kah kah kah kah kah. tolong ler. Jea-louse = a kind of small parisitic creature in Jennifer hair. :)

Tenchi said...

haha...shaowthorne did skip many class in uni time...

Shadowthorne said...

Damn you tenchi! DAMN YOU!!! It was only a FEW class in 3 years!!! My attendance was 98% lah.

Inkpot said...

I've learned a new word - Jealouse. I will use it the next time I meet someone named Jennifer. :)

These are lovely photos and it sounds like an interesting place. Thanks for posting Shadowthorne.

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