My Kiki of the Future

This is not a picture of Kiki, my cat, but of a grown calico cat I got from the net. Kiki would grow up to be like this cat.

I was surprised to find out that most calico cats are female! (Yay for the internet!) It's all about the sex related genes, where the colour orange or black is carried by the X chromosomes.

Well children, you should know why both genders are different because of the sex chromosomes, X and Y. Girls have XX and boys have XY. If you are XXY.... just guess what you are. XYY is even way cooler, quite common in hardcore villains and crooks.

So Kiki is female (XX), so she has both the colour orange and black. White fur is in another set of genes. Well, does this information interesting or what? It sure did open my eyes to know more about my pets. 

My mom wont let me have another cat. Humph.


amirahsyuhada said...

Now i remember what the breeder told me, so yeah, this is the kind of what the breeder told me. If i not mistaken, if the person have extra chromosome in certain chromosome, that person will define as down syndrome.xyy, must be a mutant! I know you wish you are one of them.

Tenchi said...

1)Turner syndrome = females inherit only one X chromosome--their genotype is X0.

2)Metafemales or triple-X females = inherit three X chromosomes--their genotype is XXX or more rarely XXXX or XXXXX.

3)Klinefelter syndrome = males inherit one or more extra X chromosomes--their genotype is XXY or more rarely XXXY, XXXXY, or XY/XXY mosaic.

4)XYY syndrome = males inherit an extra Y chromosome--their genotype is XYY.

Shadowthorne said...

Thank you Tuck Wai the Hospital Worker!

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