First Day at Work 2009

The number of unbelievably late students this morning was phenomenal. A few even entered the school compound at 8.10 am, and that's not tardy, but beyond forgiveness (for me).

I got 2C, my students from last year, in fact I will be teaching the same batch Science. They wont let me touch the Form 1 students this year, I had succeeded in brainwashing them to love me for two years already. I called that jealousy. Some people cannot watch others being more popular.

An officer from the Jabatan Pelajaran entered my quasi-Physics class when I was in the middle of asking them why snakes shed their skin (with actual snake skin in my hand). He wanted to know about the students' placements in a Pure Science class, by asking direct questions their results in PMR. Silvertongue told him that the separation would only be finalized by next week. The man nodded and walked away, Silvertongue commenced entertaining the crowd.

I feel good about work this year. Erm....   


Aizan Suhaira said...

I'm a wee but confused here. Do you teach Form 2 students or Form 4 students?

Anyway, I've got no doubt you're a good teacher, despite being the spawn of Lucifer.

Shadowthorne said...

This year I teach Science Form 2; Physics for 4 and 5 Science.

They used to let me teach Form 1 for two years, and regretted that mistake. I can make my students obey me to no end.

Spawn of Lucifer? Ewwwww.

Tenchi said...

Y u ask biology question in a physic class?

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