I Am In A Bad Mood And I Will Tell You Why

Yesterday I got two new contacts from a friendly site on the net. I like meeting new people now, as opposed of me before, having a closed-door policy very like Communist China once upon a time. And I like to be friends with people outside my line of work. In friends, I believe in the spectrum of variety.

So I text-messaged X and Y (we shall not tell their oh-so common names here) for introductions, a token practise other than the e-mails I already sent. I text-messaged with both of them, asking questions what a new friend should ask, ya da ya da ya da.... And it is a fault of mine to be always suspicious of new characters in my life. These people were not all they seemed to be.

X and Y had put into their advertisements wanting to find nice, trustworthy people as their new friends. But the words they have given to me hinted them to be the exact opposites. (It's a teacher's trait to sense falsehood in given sentences). I am not stupid. I was steeped deep in this dark hole @ Alam Perwira for so long and would recognize fellow postgraduates.

What vexes me is.... there are a lot of people out there seriously looking for friends or companions, but why must these sub-humans add themselves to the equation? The lies. The dishonesty. Very like the adminstration of the previous George W. Bush.

I will not blog for a few days at least. A murdering heart is hard to placate.   


Aizan Suhaira said...

Don't understand why you are so worked up. There are idiots and then there are idiots.

Move on. Plenty of non-scum specimen out there, although sometimes we do believe otherwise.

SSQuo said...

Its crazy how people who have time on their hands do these types of things, rather than doing something more constructive like intelligent or even gibberish blogging! come on, blog again! the blogosphere needs you! Like your blog.

Well, said Aizan! :)

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