Monotonous Movies

I watched 'Red Cliff 2' at 7.15 this evening with a friend. And 'Underworld 3; Rise of the Lycans' at 10.30 pm. The reason for this mini-movie marathon? Because we can.

I will not bore you with the summary (somebody told me my blog is infested with movie and food critics). I just wanted to express how disappointed I was with both films. Are they making movies just for the sake of shoving it down our throat and get away with the money? I was uninspired. I was bored. Even the sea of blood I witnessed seemed mundane. WHERE is the TALENT? Where is the realism?

The first movie I watched alone was 'Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves' with Kevin Costner in it. I was young and the film did unleashed new fantasy possibilities inside me. Now I am older, and I have seen a lot. Maybe I am asking too much for entertainment.

I wish we have a Coliseum here; with real gladiators. I'd like to have my own team of slaughtering bastards.  


Inkpot said...

I know what you mean about movies being disappointing. I've fallen asleep during the last few I've seen in the cinema. At first I thought I was getting old, but now I know it was because the movies are boring rubbish. I don't know red cliff 2 but the other underworld movies were terrible imo so I'm not surprised 3 was bad too.

Shadowthorne said...

I like the second Underworld movie. This third one just sucks badly.

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