Goku (The REAL One, in the comic). We wept for you!

I've told you guys that I am going to see Dragonball Evolution this week. I loved the manga, and bought every issue during my university years, clearly a great piece of fantasy-comic. I know the movie will suck bad, I just had to be sure.

Watched it at 5.30 pm.... It WAS THAT BAD. So bad if I was the original creator, I'd commit seppuku (ritual suicide by disemboweling ownself with a very very sharp knife). The hero was quite cute though. But he is not the Son Goku the world has ever known.

You have been warned.

p.s. - Watched the new Transformers 2 trailer. Megatron was indeed back and he's bigger than a building!! Die Optimus!!! DIE!!


Aizan Suhaira said...

In the pic you posted... is the guy actually holding a floating dragon ball?

Omigod... the CGI must suck if it is true.

I'm not gonna insult Dragonball the Comic by watching this sorry excuse for a movie.

Shadowthorne said...

The CGI was ok. The others were bad. Actors, plot, fighting scene etc.

Like I already said. I'd bang my head to the wall 1st before admitting it was decent.

Tenchi said...

to watch or not to watch?

Inkpot said...

I have been so disappointed by movies recently that I have almost given up on them - almost.

I'm not surprised Dragonball sucked, I don't think they can make a good movie anymore.

So Magatron is back in Transformers 2? I'm shocked. No, really I am. ;)

Shadowthorne said...

He's the primary nemesis Inky, they would not let him die.

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