La la la lah 7

I finished a few paperwork with unbelievable speed a couple of nights ago.

Today I was nearly retarded by the awesome noise from the two laboratories across the classroom building. The renovation would only be completed in April and I hate to have my classes in the classrooms. I prefer the lab, which I controlled with an iron fist.

Tomorrow there is a meeting, the beginning of a series of stupid get-togethers which would end very late in the afternoon. I hate meetings. Usually I'd bring a story book along, but I was banned from doing that 2 years ago. Now I can only do doodles on pieces of paper to kill time.

I need to find new readers for my blog. But most of my friends are too lazy to read blogs, even worse to start one of their own. To let my students read my blog would be a disaster. Hurm.   


miss ash said...

Haha. I read one of my teachers blog.

Tenchi said...

I not lazy to read...just lazy to write only...

Aizan Suhaira said...

Patience. Your blog's new and actually you're doing pretty well because your entries consistently receive comments.

Read other people's blog more. You reap what you sow, as they say.

And oh, when in boring meetings and I run out of paper to doodle on, I tend to make up stories in my mind.

But people can tell I'm not paying attention as my eyes tend to glaze over when I'm thinking up stories in my head.

SSQuo said...

I agree with Aizan. You have interesting stuff up here. You have to surf the blogosphere, comment on people whose blogs you find interesting. Its time consuming but isnt this what it is all about, connecting and interacting?

Flea wrote an interesting blogpost last week.

Dont know why I thought about it, oh well, read it anyways :)


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