Not My Fault People Abandon You!

My cousin in KL had her wedding ceremony last Sunday (thus the IKEA visit). This Saturday the second wedding ceremony will be held in Perak, zillions of miles away (for me).

In another note, I am EXTREMELY busy this few days, and also for the whole of next week. (But please take note that I ALWAYS have time to do entries and comment on people's). The earlier few months are always busy for most teachers. The school holidays is approaching (in a week), and there are many things to finish before we all can go have fun in the bloody sun.

Back to my cousin's wedding ceremony in Perak... My aunt called me this evening asking if I was free to join the ceremony. My mom and another aunt decided to go there by bus and she said I should not let my mom go by herself. The lack of drivers for the trip, as I am one of the best in the family, plus my car's rather big (ha ha ha). I told her that I have a PTA meeting this Saturday which I cannot skip and never told her that I don't like to drive long distance. Oh and anyway, my mom and auntie are ok with the bus. I feel like a very bad nephew.

My cousin's parents; my aunt and uncle are good people. They attended my sister's ceremony and mine without fail. But UNFORTUNATELY their daughter's lack of judgement makes life hard and hurtful for many relatives. The holidays is just a week away for GOODNESS SAKE! Can't you wait another week for the ceremony, so EVERYONE can attend?!

Because of some poor judgement from a hothead girl who CANNOT wait to be married, there are now great gaps between us and her family.

The parents are good people, unfortunately my cousin is not. So my mom, her brother, sister and a few relatives will attend for the sake of my aunt and uncle ONLY.

Be respectful to the elderly. They can disown you.


Aizan Suhaira said...

Don't why understand your darling cousin can't wait to be shackled by the chains of marriage.

I, on the other hand, will not run the risk of being disowned by The Elders, as I have decided that I shall not get married (it could also be read as "I am not attractive enough to be wed").

They may disown me for other reasons though.

But so far, I'm still The Elders' darling ;)

SSQuo said...

You said 'my ceremony', are you married/were married? Dont mean to pry just asking. :)

I actually enjoy weddings, and will go as long as I am not missing some other fantabulous event. I have never had to give someone a ride though, esp. to a grumpy spoiled brat's wedding, so dont know how you feel, but I can pretty much tell its not something I would care much about.

Shadowthorne said...

My ceremony - yes. I am / was married, depending on people points of view.

It is a rather sore spot for me. So I don't talk about it much.

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