Yes I Am / Was Married.

SSQuo of Matter of Gray had finally hit me on the head with a large mallet, as I had my back to her, next to a cliff, with strong wind blowing. I intentionally put the hint in my previous entry, and yes, I am someone who will admit if the thing is truthful about me; I am / was married.

Do not ask me why the 'am / was'. Think.

Just say I am not really ready to talk about it, and I am a much happier person now than then. :)

p.s. - Don't be unhappy SSQuo. It is ok. I will not hunt you down for exposing the truth to the world. I just don't have enough uranium to fix my bomb for you... yet :)


Tenchi said...

yes...i know that...its must be hard time for you...

drNO said...

ooo..SSQuo..beware..u n ur big mouth..y do u hv to ask him about that?? now go, get ready..into the panic room..

as for u shadowthorne... hmmm..it must be hard for u (whatever ur history is). if u say u was married, people will start to fix u with the next one that comes in view, if u tell them u are married, they will want to be introduced.. very hard indeed.

SSQuo said...

Ugh, sorry that the large mallet hurt your massive head, I didnt mean to do it!

I forbid you from looking for ANY uranium, and in return I'll keep my mallets to myself! :) Deal??

You dont need to talk about it EVER, and the only thing that matters is that you are happier now, who cares about the rest?

drNO: Yes, I need a stapler to shut these lips tight!! I am going into the corner to think about what I did, and THEN head to panic room after I hear back from Mr. Mambang!!

Biju Mathews said...

Hey, that's okay! Its the face of reality now. More and more people are out of the "normal" loop. I too am a casuality but as you said happy!! :-)

Keep Blogging!

miss ash said...

I can't think why you're 'am/was' married.

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