Good Morning Malaysia

Feeling rather vicious about the insensitivity of several persons but decided to let it go and let it flow. It's not like they pay my wages anyway.

The five things I usually do in a glorious Saturday morning;

1. Wake up very late.

2. Watch cartoon o n tv.

3. Surf the internet a little bit. *sniff*

4. Find / make myself breakfast.

5. Go out and be at the mall earlier than most people.


Biju Mathews said...

Haha. You sound like me...!!

Keep blogging!!

The Dude said...

i can relate, all except the last one.. malls here annoy the crap out of me.

SSQuo said...

Why do you sniff when you go online???

My list has many of the items too, esp. 1, 3 (without the sniff), and 4.

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