Let Me Entertain You Too.

I've just added 'Greensleeves', an old English tune (fantastic harp playing) and 'Quizas, Quizas, Quizas' by Nat King Cole for my Evil MP3 Bear of Destruction to play.

I have a wide variety to choose from, because I can hear almost anything. But I choose rather discriminately and the song might end up in my mobile phone for further use.

Actually I am feeling a bit poisonous today. Somebody made me ultra angry, yet I don't feel like bringing myself to his low standards for a face-off.

p.s. - yes, 'Quizas 3x' is the Spanish equivalent of 'Perhaps 3x' you all heard before. And 'Viva la Vida' happens to be my theme song (for now). I used to RULE the world.


SSQuo said...

:) Loveeee Greeensleeves, it reminds me of childhood my sis and I used to sing in harmony and sometimes when we get together now we give it a shot.

Viva la Vida is a cool song too, its just upbeat, and well nice. Helps that its sung by quirky Chris Martin!:) How have you been, its been a while. Are you still ultra angry with this person?

Shadowthorne said...

... I am not mad at you.

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