A Slow and Hot Monday

Woke up at 11.30 am. Feeling dreadfully lightheaded because I was awaken at 5.30 am earlier because the main fuse was busted, ergo no electricity and this require an automatic response, on behalf of myself not going to get any sleep because of the fan not working - oh you get what I mean.

So I took care of the cats' litterbox, had a belated breakfast and hello, my mom arrived from kampung announcing she's attending her committee meeting this afternoon. Went back into my room and watch 'Underworld 2'.

Went out for a glass of water and mom said that my younger sister is hot property these days. Guys; young and even older are vying to get her hands for marriage. From what my mom told me; one engineer, one pilot-to-be, one real pilot, one army technician, one saloon owner and several low-lifes are queuing up.

My little sister is indeed a beautiful girl. She was engaged last year, but the knot was broken when her fiance began to show some disloyal qualities. That bastard git.

This is my entry for the day.   


SSQuo said...

Disloyal = Time to Dump

This is the perfect solution - wise, very wise. Wow she can really have a pick from these wonderful (hopefully) men. She can have her own 'Bachelorette' show, the one where they have a complete reality show on how this one girl goes through the stages of picking her man!

Jussstt kidding, its a joke Shadow. Shadow! STOP! its a joke, oh come on, J.O.K.E. :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Ooooohhh.... why don't you make a checklist and get the suitors to fill em up.

Then it's easier for your mom to shortlist the numbers.

Tenchi said...

last time i visited your house you didn't intro your lovely sister to me?

Shadowthorne said...

SSQuo, my sister is now busying herself with work. The heartache is still there.

And Aizan, I try not to intrude into her life and would do happily so when she ask for help. I believe in live and let live. That's makes me a really irresponsible big bro.

She was not at home la that time Tuck Wai!

Inkpot said...

mmm, lucky sister I guess. I like SSQuo's idea of making it into a show. Your mother could assign different tasks to the suitors and you could film it and we vote one off week by week. What do you think? :)

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