The Things That Made Me Wanna Hold You by the Neck, And Introduce You to Mr Floor

1. Rude + stupid people.
2. Students who failed to pass up homework on time.
3. People who made me wait for them and never say sorry for tardiness.
4. Very very disappointing PS3 games. These games are so EXPENSIVE to waste money!
5. Liars. I despise liars.
6. People who borrow things and never return them.
7. Touching my things without permission.
8. Students who talk @ not giving attention in my class.
9. Liars. (again)
10. Sometimes, there IS such thing as 'hate at first sight'...

p.s. - I am bored. This entry has no intention of intimidating anyone, anywhere, anyhow. :)


Tenchi said...

why you so bored?

Shadowthorne said...

? well you know me well enough. I am an anomaly. Easily bored, yet moderate in action.

The time for extreme activity is usually under stress.

Aizan Suhaira said...

Yes. There is indeed such a thing as hate at first sight.

I encounter it time and time again.

The most recent in my case would be Door Knob impersonating as a practical trainee. And Dirty Old Man who thought he could woo me. Yuck. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Damn them both!

Inkpot said...

Hee hee Aizan, your comment made me laugh. I like the idea of Hate at First Sight. Don't know if it has ever happened to me. I take a while to get the fires of hate stoked up against someone, and then it is pretty lasting.

I get bored a lot too Shadowthorne. I think it is because we are both exceptional people. :)

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