The Things That Made Me Smile

1. My cat, Kiki whenever she pawed me for affection (so bloody cute).

2. Retro songs on the radio, especially if I used to listen to them when small.

3. 'Love letters' from various students asking for more marks, attention etc.

4. Reading hilarious answers in exercise books, papers by students.

5. Money. For retail therapy.

6. Dirty obscene jokes by older teachers in the staffroom.

7. Polite and obedient students.

8. Getting away with a crime.

9. Some blogs. Yes, YOU people do make me smile.

10. Garfield.


drNO said...

keep smiling..
am trying hard to be a joker to keep that smile of urs.....hehehheh (perasan)

SSQuo said...

Can I add:

11: The song 'Perhaps'

12. Seeing someone slip on a banana peel

13. Buying tons of uranium with the sweet thought of blowing people up into a million and 3 hundred one inch bit pieces!

Let's end at 13 - its a number I'm guessing you LOVEEEE???

Shadowthorne said...

Oh wow. Two guest comedians in the house. :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Love at number 13... Hmmm....
Is that an omen?

I know what would make Mr. Mambang smile. A gift basket full of PS3 games.

Ain't that right, Evil Lord of Darkness?

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