Poison Ivy Me (Mwa ha ha ha)

This evening I tricked a friend to join me spraying herbicide to the infestation of vegetation around my new but not inhabited bungalow. I sprayed around the house 3 months ago using intensely concentrated poison and the growth of weed and grass were indeed not too serious for further treatment.

I bought a 16-litre backpack plastic sprayer for RM 80 earlier, and my mom was vocal about it saying that my aunt had one and why I just need to waste more money, ya da ya da ya da. It's a boys @ men thing mom; I'd like to spray MY own house with MY own sprayer using MY own herbicide. All bought with MY own money. But of course as a dutiful son, I'd never said that.

Anyway I was not wearing any protective gear while handling the herbicide (which I purposely overdosed for intense murder of the weed-things!!) and spraying. So there were indeed bits and drops of poison on my clothes and skin in the spraying process. As I was spraying, I told my friend that I felt like Poison Ivy, with poison on the body.

He added that Poison Ivy killed men with her poison, but I kill weed with mine. We had a round of laugh about that.


Inkpot said...

Very cool pic of poison ivy. Congrats on having your own place, weeds and all. :)

Tenchi said...

the best way to kill the weed is by removing the root cause of it...spraying is just temporary and not environmental friendly...

Shadowthorne said...

Thanks Inky, or is it Panda?

Oi tenchi! easier said than done? u want me to pull every weed is it?

Tenchi said...

use cangkuk la!~
can exercise and burn some fat of yours...wahahaha

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