There Are Criminals In The Family

My mom and auntie were greatly upset. They just got news that two of my wayward cousins in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur got nabbed by the police for drug addiction.

My cousins are orphans, sons of my mom's late older sister. These worldly boys refused to return to the homestate, for reasons like 'wishing to stand on own's feet' and 'taking care of late parents' scant belongings'. But as a fellow evil person, I know the reason they stayed was just to avoid being monitored by their aunts and other relatives.

So they are now in jail. And my mom said that she is not interested to bail them out, or even visit. I remembered the many times she and her younger sister rained advices to the devil duo, and of course as I would expect, those kind words were just noises in the wind for them.

Well, we can bring the horses to the river, but we cannot make them drink. Ha! 


SSQuo said...

Oh! Thats not good news. Its a fine line to know when to ignore and when not to. Sometimes people really have to learn their lessons. Have you seen the movie Trainspotting? Well, something about this post made me think of it.

Shadowthorne said...

I am a much bigger villain then them. But not so stupid.

Like the Joker said in Darknight; "This town needs a better class of criminals".

Priceless :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

Some idiots are not meant to be let out to the Big Bad World alone. Temptations are in abundance and if you don't keep yourself in check... well, you could end up in jail!

We evil people are smarter than that, aren't we?

p/s I'm going to Melaka this weekend. Gonna hang out with Nani. Mwahahahahahhaha...

Shadowthorne said...

Good for you. Hang away then.

drNO said...

u have criminals in the family..
I have a criminal in me...u know..the other side of me..the rebelious, law-breaking me, that always been hidden under the 'oh, so innocent look'

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