On Bribes.....

This afternoon my mom returned from her UMNO branch meeting feeling a bit unhappy. She was bewildered because our State Minister, Datuk Seri Ali Rustam was barred from contesting the UMNO deputy president post in the next party polls. He (or his people) was said to be involved in money politics.

Well.... I have no comment on that as I do not know the guy personally. But he did create a lot of opportunities and Malacca is indeed developing under him.

Political upheavals seem to be the latest trend in the country. Government and opposition parties are clamouring for publicity; condemning and accusing one another, clawing for power and the promises it brings...

Wake up you bastards!!! The country need stability now than ever. When you crazy fuckers are screaming who's wrong and right, people are losing their jobs and the price of goods is rising!

My mom said that this would never happen under Dr M. He was the cat, no TIGER who ruled the house and made the mice obey. But now... under a new (but will retire soon) cat, the mice and even RATS have came out and play.

We miss a strong leader... 


SSQuo said...

Welcome to the world of politics. If only things like losing lives, jobs and poverty made a dent in the leaders hearts! They cant be affected else how will they finance their next trip to Costa Rice!
I hear ya though.

Aizan Suhaira said...

20 years of Dr. M's work down the drain when THE ARSEHOLE is at the helms.

I hate the bastard.

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