On kitty litter....

My mom always complain about the smell of the house whenever she returns from kampung. when I was away, she'd push the cats' cage (it was on wheels) outside the house and when I return, I'd push it back inside. Kiki and Keru do not mind the tug-of-war as long as they can have a change of scenery on a daily basis. :)

I used the clay type of cat litter before this and even though it is quite cheap, there are a few problems. My cat, Kiki, trails dust every time she escaped from the cage - to the entire house. The ammonia absorbency of the clay litter is not really good, so the bad smell can be detected still, even though I used the scented clay litter (jasmine). Erm....

So I changed the clay type litter to the more expensive silicone-crystal based. Let's hope the odour problem to be eliminated soon.

p.s. - as I was washing the litter tray... I wondered if dog owners have litter boxes in their house for in-door dogs.


drNO said...

this is why I don't hv cats, eventhough how adorable they could be.
I have pet cats as long as I remember. I was born into a house full of cats. ( I was born in a hosp, of course. It's just my house then got so many cats-my mom's/brothers' cats). Then I hv my own cats. They sleep with me. I don't know how my mom did it, but all the cats, pooed in an area at the back of the house. Or if they were trapped inside, they pooed into the toilet bowl!
But, now, hmm..no more. Taking care of the kids are busy enuf for me, to think about another burden in the household.

Shadowthorne said...

actually cats do know the toilet area is a place for poo. the smell of urine from the place attract them to do the same business there. :)

but of course, if you let them use the toilet, you'd have to leave the door open for them.

when i move to my own house soon, they'd be trained to do the same.

Tenchi said...

my cat used to poo at the outside before come back

SSQuo said...

I had a dog, but I always feel like its unfair to not let the dog out for walks and have them stay indoors...I dont know if there is a concept of indoor dogs in my mind, but I think a poo area for when they really have to go is a good idea. I however didnt have one as if my fella had to go he'd come bark to someone and then go to the door all excitedly, and if human was just plain dumb then he'd give another hint, he'd scratch on the door. Good doggie he!

Btw I really like th names Kiki and Keru, they also sound good together!

Shadowthorne said...

Ooo... You mean those indoor dogs need to go outside for business? are they allowed to sleep and eat indoor or they just have kennels outside?

Thanks. Kiki and Keru send their love too.

Inkpot said...

well, there are three dogs in the house and they eat and sleep in the house and spend most of the day in the house, but go outside into the back garden to use the facilities. My cat comes inside to use his litter tray! :)
I love Kiki and Keru, they are so sweet. :)

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