Movie Night

Went to watch Watchmen with a friend last night after a dinner of Thai beef soup (so bloody hot that made me had stomach-cramps later, but good nevertheless). The film was different, but very very good. It opened the possibilities that superheroes do have troubles in their lives, very much like us, mere humans. Peter Parker and his love and work difficulties? Pah, he stood like a small boy who loses his candy next to these comic heroes. 

Loved the character Rorschach very much, though he ended up dead in the end (boo!). Overall there are doses of everything in it; drama, jokes, special effects etc. Loved the fighting scenes, the choreography was really good. We can almost feel the pain when the bones break.

Oh well, I don't do complete summary of a movie because SOMEBODY said so. I am waiting with fullest anticipation for Wolverine : X-Men Origins, coming very soon. Oh oh OH OH!! And I saw the new Transformers movie poster!!!! It was wicked! Megatron is indeed alive!! Hope this time he ripped Optimus arms off.

Gonna watch Dragonball Evolution next week. I know the movie is a MUST SUCK. But I will watch it anyway because... somebody should (ha ha ha).


Aizan Suhaira said...

I only have 2 must-see movies this year. Transformers 2 and Wolverine: The X-Men Origin.

Shadowthorne said...

Let's watch Megatron ripping Autobots into halves!!!!

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