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I stayed at home the whole day, playing Killzone 2 on my PS3. The enemies are from another planet, red-eyed and breathed through gas-masks. And to make them more sinister, they were clothed very much like Nazis. So it is ok to kill a huge multitude of godless tyrant-worshipping aliens because they are not human. :)

This is the best first-person shooter now, for me. And we know that the good people of Game World have more in store for us.

Whenever a friend or student asked if I was ever tired or regretted spending so much money on games, I said no. Constant gaming is a stress relieving method for me, other than reading books or going to the cinema. I am evil by nature, so killing men with shotguns and blasting through doors by magic is a fantasy staple for us. Of course we cannot do the many many evil deeds in real life. So I always think that games are a savior for demented souls.

But I do not condone imitating game violence. It is rather sad, and very PATHETIC for those poor souls who got into trouble by trying to live up the violence. Erm... maybe guns do talk to the weilder in strange ways,  real or not.

Oh well, I have another game to play after Killzone 2, it's Demon's Souls from Sony, a medieval hack-n-slash-plus-magic, my kind of game. I love killing zombies in the weekend, but this have to wait until I kill all the evil Helghast first with my rifle. :) 


SSQuo said...

Yes its great that we have these games for you guys. Imagine the rampage we'd see on the streets if you had all that pent-up feelings of killing!

Btw, on another note, I keep hearing the song 'Perhaps' when I am on your blog, is that your theme song, if not can you mix it up a bit, I really like the song, but I think some change may be good. If you think not, thats fine too,I'll just have to live with it, because I rather not be blown up to bits!!!!!

Shadowthorne said...

Killing fictional characters does good for the evil soul.

I do love that 'Perhaps' song! Boo hoo hoo! It's people like you that ruins the classics. Boo hoo hoo. *sniff* Evil person you.

SSQuo said...

You changed the song!!! :) Well, Evil person invites you to her blog today, she has something special for you.

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