Mauled by Kiki


This always happen whenever I take a nap with the door open. My cat Kiki would wish me to pet her and sometimes she wants to nuzzle my neck! This always end with me taking her back to her cage if I wanted any sleep at all.

p.s. - the whistling sound was made by the fan, which was directly pointed at me.


SSQuo said...

She really is adorable, she reminds me of a friends cat named 'Rain' who has the same colors. She was almost dog-like and I loved that about her. This Kiki seems to be pretty authoritative too, with her 'Pet me' stance. :)

Shadowthorne said...

:) Tomorrow I am going to bring her to a pet saloon. Wanna have her long fur groomed.

Inkpot said...

Oh my, she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I want to steal her!Ha!Ha! She reminds me of my cat Fudge. He mugs me at night as well. He scratches and whines at the bedroom door to be let in and then pushes at my hands so I pet him. When it is cold he sleeps on my neck or in my arms. When it is warm he sleeps at my feet or behind my knees. At about 5am he wakes up and scratches and whines to be let out of the room. :)

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