I Spotted A Serial Killer (Seriously)

I was driving to town this evening when I saw this guy, on a motorbike in front of me at a traffic light.

His got BLOOD spray all over his shirt! I knew it was real because as an accomplished evil person, I trained myself to recognize life's own fluid. Oh you know, it'll be a professional embarrassment if we jumped to conclusions.

For example; I can smell Inky blood through the computer monitor and knew she faked it.

And I realised seconds later the logo at the back of his yellow shirt. It was of a chicken.... Well, I was right about the blood anyway.

Took the picture of the chicken slaughterer for further proof.

Who knows? One day he might thinking of upgrading to kill people, and I'll be there with evidence of his dastardly deed. :)


Biju Mathews said...

Ha Ha.... Good one

Vyazz said...

Ewww....how can someone travel like that??.....Good that he wasn't an actual serial killer....just a regular scourge of the chickens!!!

Shadowthorne said...


SSQuo said...

Haha, Chop Cheony Bee, thats interesting too, if only he know that his ride back home is now doing the rounds on the world wide web! :)

Shadowthorne said...

:) :) (:

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